Laundry & Bathroom Renovations Sydney

A quality bathroom renovation can improve your ability to relax at home and reduce your energy costs, while allowing you to finally deal with any existing damage which can be common with older bathrooms. And as a side benefit, just like kitchen renovations, renovating your bathroom can be one of the best ways to improve the value of your home.

From washing your hands or taking a shower, these intimate moments should be experienced in a comfortable, well-lit bathroom that allows a brief escape from the world (and family members).

However, while bathroom renovations have become a popular project for many homeowners in Sydney's Hills, we find that laundry renovations are often overlooked. For a lot of families, the laundry door is permanently closed while entertaining friends and family... not only to prevent visitors seeing the dirty clothes, but the laundry itself, because it's often the most neglected room in the house!

At Gallery Living, we believe every space in your home should be enjoyable, inviting and relaxing.

That's why we design and create custom bathrooms and laundries to transform your outdated, impractical (embarrassing?) laundry or bathroom into one which you enjoy being in. One that is comfortable, efficient, modern... while reflecting your personality (and the rest of your home's style).

We provide professional advice, backed by years of experience designing bathrooms and laundries for both residential and commercial properties - including layout, features, colours, and materials.

Design Process

Our team of designers will sit down and listen to your wants & needs, before coming up with a 3D conceptual view of what your bathroom or laundry could look like. And we leave no detail or feature out.

For your bathroom or laundry, our designers and cabinet makers will take into consideration:

  • Lighting, positioning, natural light paths, light colours and light types
  • Ergonomics, i.e. how easy it is to manoeuvre around your kitchen, reach into cabinets, pull out draws etc (appropriate to families, special needs or the elderly)
  • Storage requirements
  • Bench space
  • The ease of maintenance, i.e. how easy it is to clean and polish
  • The placement of toilets, showers, sinks, and baths for bathrooms or white goods such as washing machines and dryers for laundries

We understand that your family may use your laundry and bathroom differently to other families; whether you have a family or live on your own, we will make sure we create the perfect bathroom or laundry for you. Whether you have a clear vision as to how the finished product should look, or just have some high-level ideas and need some guidance, our team will help you create the best bathroom or laundry that will suit your lifestyle, home, and needs.


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Bathroom renovations by Gallery Living
Laundry Renovations in Sydney's Hills Area

Joinery & Manufacture

When you choose to work with Gallery Living, you'll benefit from the experience and knowledge of our versatile cabinet makers who have created countless cabinets for kitchens and laundries in Castle Hill, Winston Hills, Baulkham Hills and other surrounding suburbs. And since customer satisfaction (leading to referrals) has been a driving force behind our business growth, our team work hard to ensure all joinery work is of the highest standards.

Our workshop is located on-site behind our Mulgrave showroom, allowing us to order, customise and prepare any and all of the components for your bathroom or laundry.

Wondering how your bathroom or laundry manufacture is coming along? You can easily book an appointment and see the progress in person. This provides you with a great opportunity to talk directly with our cabinet makers and joinery experts, giving you full transparency to the work being performed.


At Gallery Living we make every effort to accommodate your timetable into your project to ensure it's completed on time and with minimal inconvenience to your day-to-day routine. Our aim is to minimise the impact upon yourself and your family during your laundry or bathroom renovation, and to make the entire process as smooth as possible.


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Can't find what you are looking for? We have a designated team of designers, who can help search for and transform your vision and ideas into a physical bathroom or kitchen. Enquire today to speak with one of our consultants.