Been busy dreaming of your renovation during lockdown? Gallery Living looks at how to make those dreams a reality as Covid lockdowns begin to ease.

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of that perfect new kitchen or bathroom, or perhaps an extension to your home that you’ve been planning for years? Or a total revamp of your outdoor entertaining area? The Covid-19 pandemic has most certainly made renovations difficult for homeowners and investors alike. But as they are beginning to lift, now is the perfect time to get inspired and get your project on the road.

Get Dreaming!

Now is the time to start gathering all those wonderful plans and ideas you made during lockdown and call in the experts. Choosing the exact theme and feel that you want to create is a great place to start. Having a clear set plan of what you want to achieve will streamline the design and building process.

If you’ve been busy in lockdown researching online and collecting similar-looking aspects you want to include in your renovation now is the exact time to get focused on what you want. Consider creating a mood/theme board with all your ideas and plans. You can pin these and remove them as you see fit to define your project. This is a great way to get the whole household involved in the planning process. Consider focal features, colours, and the general mood you want to set with the look and feel of your dream project.

There are plenty of options to choose from and grab inspiration – think Pinterest and similar websites that offer a masquerade of beautiful projects and designs. Also consider ordering samples of flooring, benchtops, colour schemes, tiling, and the like.

#TOPTIP Confused about colour schemes? Now is the time to grab those sample pots and start experimenting with colours.

Go shopping!

It’s the perfect time to get dreaming about all of those incredible appliances on offer. If you are contemplating a new kitchen, you can get busy shopping for all your wonderful appliances. With so many incredible appliances available in a range of impressive colours you can get busy organising all the needed equipment for your new renovation. Shop around and get a good feel for exactly what you are looking for and the budget you have available.

Adding a new extension? Or a new room to your home, perhaps even an office space? Once you have decided on your colour and general theme you can easily get prepared with all the added extras. Perhaps it’s a statement furniture piece you are looking for? An unusually coloured bathtub? Or an interesting throw-rug? Preparing with all the added extras that make your renovation pop, will help keep your renovation enthusiasm up, while also helping to get organised sooner.

Book It In!

If you were lucky enough to experience an online consulting design process, you can now look forward to an easy transition into your project. Or perhaps you’ve been waiting for the perfect chance to book your designer? Having everything ready to go, your project outlined and the theme will make the whole experience much easier. Having expert advice will help with any sticking points and give you some great ideas particularly when it comes to placement of all the needed appliances and making better use of the space you have. With the help of a professional, your renovation will be transformed into reality, particularly with what options you have available to you. After some expert advice, many homeowners are left in awe of what they can do with the large or small space they have available.

Calling in a professional is paramount when it comes to all renovations – they not only offer the inspiration you need, they can easily transform your ideas into reality. Helping you choose the perfect bath, kitchen appliances, tiles, mirrors, and more to ensure you get the very best fixtures and fittings that will complement your design and result.

#TOPTIP Renovating your kitchen, bathroom, or office? Write down all the things you love about the space and all the things you don’t. Understanding what the existing space doesn’t offer will make your design not only beautiful but also highly functional to your exact needs.

Get Organised

Now is the perfect time to get organised. New kitchen? Consider a good declutter of all your cupboards and draws so when the building begins and pack-up is needed – it’s not a daunting rushed task. Taking the time to clean cupboards, remove items that you no longer want, or need is a great way to streamline your renovation project.

If you are adding an extension or doing any major renovation work, consider looking at the entire house. Dust can be an issue for any home renovation. Packing up all the unwanted knickknacks and storing them in plastic containers or a spare room can help with the clean-up after the builders have left. A good declutter is also hugely rewarding. Once the builders are ready to come on-site, the rooms that will be directly affected will be easy to pack up and prepare.

Doing major outdoor work? Now is the time to plan the space, give it a good clean and fix anything that needs to be done. Consider sprucing up the gardens with some colour and clever maintenance. Fixing any defects or planning your new colour scheme to fit your home.

Our Gallery Living experts can make your renovation dreams come true so talk to us today about your plans.