Project Description

Concord full house joinery fitout

Our clients asked us to design a kitchen in their new home in Concord. The goal was to marry traditional style with a modern aesthetic to create a classic finish. Our client emphasised that they wanted the kitchen design that would last for a long time and not date too quickly.

Located in Concord and surrounded by heritage homes, the new home’s exterior and interior featured elements that were a nod to the past such as wrought iron, marble and cobbles, so the homeowners wanted the kitchen to match. With a family-focus, our clients wanted the kitchen to be a showpiece that was not only a functional-hub but also a main visual feature within the home. Important was the ability to hide the scullery from the main living spaces, as was a way to integrate a variety of appliances from different manufacturers into one joinery run. In the back corner of the kitchen is a full-height panel which slides away to reveal a hidden scullery nook behind.

We wanted this kitchen to have a clean, classic aesthetic. We understood that our clients wanted a modern kitchen, but the interior had to fit in with the style of the rest of the home, so the design couldn’t be too contemporary. To pay homage to tradition, but add that modern touch, we decided on a Shaker door but with a delicate 3mm recess and, rather than the traditional 60mm border, we chose a 40mm border which gave a sleek and streamlined finish. The lovely, dark timber grain was chosen to add a sense of luxury and elegance.