With international adventures and travel plans unfortunately on hold indefinitely, our homes need to be a warm and welcoming haven from the increasing uncertainty of the outside world. So there’s no time quite like the present to get inspired and inject the latest ideas and cool touches of creativity into your bathroom.

Coloured basins

Break away from traditional white by choosing a standout colour for your bathroom basin, to make it the focal point of the room and give a splash of much-needed colour to a neutral space. Daring types can opt for pink, blue, green or even purple basins, which can be made from ceramic, stone or concrete.

Sensor mixers

While these types of taps have become a standard inclusion in many public bathrooms, we’re now seeing them make a move into residential bathrooms. And the timing couldn’t be better, with personal hygiene a top priority for all of us more than ever. With these mixers, an electronic sensor automatically detects movement in the washing zone to turn on the water for hand washing.

Metallic tapware

Aged unpolished finishes such as rustic bronze or tumbled brass naturally tarnish over time, and give the appearance of a much-loved tap while still being highly functional. Gunmetal and brushed nickel are also favourites. Or, you could go brave with gold-look tapware – a timeless choice that can be unified with shower rails, shower mixers and towel rails for a cohesive look.

Double showers

Shower spaces are becoming larger, which assists in the feeling of a bigger and more luxurious bathroom, and allows for two people to shower together at the same time – which for some people, is a good thing! Some showers have now been transformed into wet areas, with the bath and shower sharing one large tiled area.

Bathroom art

If we can have art and framed photographic prints in the rest of our house, why shouldn’t we put them in our bathrooms, too? Splashproof wallpaper, with anti-mould and anti-mildew properties and designed specifically for wet or high-humidity areas, is another great way to add stunning colour and personality to your bathroom.

Timber touches

Natural timber joinery finishes add warmth, and bring a touch of the outdoors into the space. Consider timber finishes for shelving, vanities, mirror surrounds, bath stools, or towel ladders.

Adventurous tile choices

Terrazzo wall and floor tiles are a much sought-after bathroom trend this year, and can add to the bathroom’s natural look. Meanwhile, 3D tiles are attention grabbing with their elevated or embossed designs, and hexagonal-shaped tiles are a simple, yet much-loved design that has stood the test of time for both floors and feature walls.

Biophilia talks to a genuine connection with nature, and bringing the natural world into our home through botanical prints promotes happiness and healing. Tropical leaf designs on tiles are a playful way to bring the power of plants into your home.

Bold black

Using black in the bathroom is elegant, versatile, eye-catching, easy to incorporate and fits into any space. Start by adding interest with black accessories, interesting shapes and textured finishes to achieve a gorgeous midnight black look – we’re thinking a statement black bath, black tapware and handles, black vanities or black tiles.

Illuminating + Ultimate Grey – Pantone Colour of the Year 2021

Together, these colours are a striking duo – bold, contrasting and exciting. Introduce a vibrant hit of colour in the bathroom with Illuminating, a bright shade of yellow and one of Pantone’s Colours of the Year for 2021. Meanwhile, Ultimate Grey, used in floor tiles, helps to ground the brightness of the yellow, or go all out with a feature wall of yellow tiles. For a more delicate touch, you could use small pops of yellow with grey floor tiles laid with a dominant palette of grey. For those not wanting to fully commit to a permanent touch of yellow, add a temporary hint of yellow with wall art or towels.

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